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*Red Oak 3/4 x 3-1/4" #3 Common UFRO-325-3C

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REMEMBER: Add 7% for waste

Product Overview

This product will have at minimum 25% waste and possibly much more.

Who buys #3 common flooring?   People who are looking for extreme character in their floor.   If you think you’re going to make a #1 common floor out of this by culling out the waste, you are mistaken.   If a piece were #1 common, it would have went into the #1 common pile when this was graded.   So don’t call us after you buy this upset saying you’re having a ton of waste.  If you are wanting a nicer floor with less waste, spend the money now and buy a higher grade floor. 

Unfinished Red Oak No. 3 Common solid hardwood flooring strikes a chord in any lover of pure, untamed wood. Red Oak's unfinished grain and the sheer volume of growth rings along each plank make for one breathtaking beginning to any unfinished flooring project.

Changes in color are very limited over time, even if red oak is exposed to intense light. Meanwhile, the sapwood of unfinished red oak 3 common ranges from white to pale brown, while the heartwood is reddish brown. As a plus, daily wear and tear is hardly noticeable due to red oak's open grain and natural reddish color.

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Item type:
Unfinished Solid Hardwood Flooring
SKU: UFRO-325-3C
Wood species:
Floor finish:
Flooring Thickness:
SF Per Box:
Plank Width:
3/4 x 3-1/4"
Installation type:
Number On Pallet:
Connecting system:
Janka Hardness:

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