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SUPERCore Xtreme is a revolution in waterproof flooring construction brought to you exclusively by  SUPERCore waterproof flooring products have a 30 mil COMMERCIALLY rated wear layer and carry a “lifetime warranty” finish.

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100% Waterproof Rigid Plank Flooring and Rigid Plank Tile

Beautiful, Durable and Resistant Floors

If you want floors that are beautiful and resistant, consider waterproof flooring options like our SUPERCore. Waterproof plank flooring is a cost-effective alternative to flooring made of other materials, such as wood and tile. They look beautiful and are easy to maintain.

Waterproof Flooring by Style

One great advantage of waterproof flooring is that it can mimic the look of more expensive flooring types. Stone composite (SPC) can replace vinyl flooring as well as laminate flooring. SUPERCore waterproof rigid plank (SPC) flooring takes on the look of different wood types that are frequently used for hardwood flooring. It's a popular choice for budget-conscious decorators as well.

Not quite sure what you want your waterproof flooring to look like? Check out our numerous possibilities. You can find floors that would work well with a traditional look or styles that evoke a contemporary feel. Each are textured and embossed to mimic the feel of the actual wood or stone.

Installation Types

The type of waterproof flooring you choose might depend on the installation type you’re most comfortable with. Interlocking waterproof vinyl plank flooring like SUPERCore, also known as floating flooring, doesn’t require glue or nails during installation. Other types of waterproof vinyl flooring require a glue installation. If you’re not comfortable doing that yourself, WeShipFloors can help with professional independent installers.

Another important factor to consider is subflooring, the type of material that’ll be directly beneath your new waterproof flooring. Determine whether you’re installing your new SUPERCore waterproof floor over concrete, wood or some other subflooring type, and make sure that the flooring you choose is appropriate for use over those materials. If you need guidance, speak with an expert by calling in to WeShipFloors at 844-356-6711. The bottom layer of subflooring attached beneath your waterproof flooring is called an underlayment. Underlayment can provide some cushioning, but is primarily for sound reduction.

Finishing Touches for Your Waterproof Floors

Once your waterproof plank flooring is installed, make sure you add matching moulding and trim to give your floors a clean and polished look. Moulding — like quarter round, can help to conceal gaps between your floorboards and the wall, as well as to protect your walls from being bumped and marked by shoes or furniture. T-moulding, or floor-transition moulding, bridges and conceals expansion gaps between types of flooring of the same thickness.

Enjoy the benefits of sturdy waterpoof plank flooring on your stairs, too. The different parts of each stair — the horizontal stair treads and nosing — also come in a matching wood-look that’ll stand up to heavy traffic in your home. And just like the SUPERCore tigid waterproof flooring, stairtreads and nosing protect against moisture better than traditional hardwood flooring does.