SUPERCore Hybrid Laminate Warranty

SUPERCore Hybrid Laminate will guarantee that in a dry residential indoor setting, your laminate floor: ‡ 

  • Will not stain from normal household consumable items such as food or drink. The melamine wear layer will not wear through. ‡ 
  • Will not fade in color due to normal natural sunlight or household lighting. ‡ 
  • Will resist water damage from normal household activities when removed promptly and when installed in accordance with provided installation instructions for “Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms and any other areas susceptible to moisture” and is made subject to the following conditions: 
  1. The flooring must be installed properly in accordance with our installation instructions.
  2. Proper installation includes, but is not limited to performing a moisture test to determine if excessive moisture exists in the subfloor and use of a 6-mil polyethylene film vapor barrier on concrete floors or concrete floor covered with tiles, along with proper use of silicone sealant. 

EXCLUSIONS This limited warranty does not cover wear or damage due to improper installation, cleaning, care or maintenance such as:

  • Accidents, abuse or misuse. ‡ 
  • Extreme heat or cold. ‡ 
  • Scratching, impact or cutting. ‡ 
  • Improper workmanship or installation not in accordance with our installation instructions. ‡ 
  • Improper maintenance. ‡ 
  • Improper fabrication. ‡ 
  • Freight damage. ‡ 
  • Damage by acts of God. ‡ 

Water damage from excessive moisture in a concrete slab, hydrostatic pressure,  flooding caused by ice makers, refrigerators, sinks, dishwashers, leaking pipes, flooding, standing water, household mechanical failures, damage caused by water underneath the flooring, including damage from subfloor hydrostatic pressure or other conditions that result in water being below the flooring or natural disasters. ‡ 

Planks coming apart at the seams because they have been engaged/disengaged more than one time. ‡ 

Installation of flooring that contains any manufacturing defect is not covered by this warranty.* 

This warranty is issued to the original retail consumer and is not transferable. The limited warranty applies only when the affected area is visible and covers a flooring area greater than one square inch. 

Proof of purchase in the form of a sales receipt or other establishing document is required when requesting warranty service. We exclude and will not pay incidental or consequential damages under this warranty. By this we mean any loss, expense, or damages other than to the flooring itself that may result from a defect in the flooring. 

No implied warranties extend beyond the terms of this written warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above may not apply to you. In case of any questions, problems or emergencies please call us at 1-844-356-6711. 

*Manufacturing: In addition to our original limited residential warranty, we warrant our product against manufacturing defects that exist in its product prior to purchase by the consumer. Any manufacturing defect must be reported prior to the product installation or, under any circumstance, no later than six (6) months after the date of purchase in order to be covered under this warranty. We will replace at our discretion, any such defective material at no additional cost to the customer. Any damage that might occur during shipment is the responsibility of the shipping company. 

Safety Requirements: When cutting and sawing or sanding wood products, wood dust may be generated. Wood dust can cause respiratory, eye, and skin irritation. It is recommended that planks be cut outside in a well ventilated area. If using a dustless cutter, cutting may be done inside. Always wear a dust mask, safety glasses, or goggles when performing any cutting or sawing operations that may generate wood dust. When using any cutting tool, wear proper hand protection and ensure that power tools are properly grounded if they have a power cord (follow all tool manufacturers safety requirements). This product may produce wood dust known to the State of California to cause cancer 

Pre-Installation Tips: Laminate floors are intended for indoor use only. It can be installed over virtually any sub-floor, on, above or below grade. Your laminate floor must be installed as a “floating floor”, meaning that it MUST NOT be glued, nailed, or fastened to the sub-floor. The individual tongues and grooves lock into place by a glueless installation system, and planks are engaged together using a rotational method in the short and long side of the planks. 

Floor Prep: The sub-floor must be structurally sound and dry. 

Sweep and/or vacuum the sub-floor to remove debris and loose particles. 

The sub-floor must be flat; any unevenness 3/16” or greater on an 8’ radius must be filled with a Portland based patching and leveling compound or sanded down as needed (please see manufacturer's safety requirements). 

Acclimate flooring for 24 hours prior to installation. Before, during, and after installation the required indoor temperature should be between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity between 35% and 65%. 

Remove existing carpet, padding, tack strips and quarter round before installation. It is not necessary to remove sheet vinyl or linoleum as long as it is completely adhered to the sub-floor and structurally sound. Do not install a laminate floor over an existing floating floor. Before installing laminate floors, remove any wood flooring that has been installed over concrete. Permanent fixtures such as cabinets, islands, etc. should be installed prior to installing your laminate floor. 

Note: Always inspect each plank carefully prior to installation. No claims for damaged or defective planks will be accepted after installation has been completed. DO NOT BURN OR INCINERATE DISCARDED PLANKS NOTE: Moisture related problems are not covered by warranty. It is imperative to inspect the exterior and interior of your home for potential moisture sources. Laminate floors must not be installed in areas exposed to constant dampness or extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations (i.e., steam rooms and saunas).

Do not install laminate floors in rooms with sump pump or floor drain. A moisture test should be conducted on all concrete or wood sub-floors prior to installation (consult your flooring contractor for details). 

Do not install laminate floors on any concrete sub-floor with a moisture reading greater than 4.5% or vapor emission rate greater than 5 Lbs./24 hours/1000 sq. ft. using a calcium chloride test kit. Laminate floors must not be installed in areas where the sub-floor beneath the house is exposed to the outside. 

For wood sub-floors, the ground in the crawl space under the house must be dry and covered with a 6mil (0.15mm) moisture barrier, with the ends of each sheet overlapping each other by 8 inches. There must be adequate cross ventilation under the house. Moisture content of a wood sub-floor must not exceed 14%. Be sure your home meets all current city codes for cross ventilation. Note: Do not use a moisture barrier on top of wood sub-floors. For concrete sub-floors, cover the sub-floor with a 6mil (0.15mm) moisture barrier, with the ends of each sheet overlapping each other by 8 inches regardless of grade. 

Your laminate floor may be installed in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms without gluing the joints. However, it is important to prevent water or moisture from getting beneath the floor by sealing the expansion space in areas susceptible to topical water (e.g., under the dishwasher, in front of the sink, around the refrigerator space) with a mildew resistant 100% silicone sealant. For Laundry rooms and bathrooms, seal all expansion spaces including around the toilet flange and pipes with a mildew resistant 100% silicone sealant. Our Laminate floors have a Coefficient of friction of 0.60 (ASTM C1028-89) . Products are not to be installed on a ramp or a sub-floor with a slope greater than 1” (inch) in 6’ (feet) 

Floor Care & Maintenance: Laminate floors are non absorbent; therefore they should never be waxed, polished or refinished. 

- Use protective felt liners under furniture legs 

- Any liquid should be removed from the surface promptly 

- Door mats recommended in entry ways - Do not use steam cleaners or apparatus that may cause topical moisture on your floor 

- Do not vacuum with a beater bar type attachment 

- Do not use abrasive materials, soap, or detergent. They will dull the surface To Clean: - Vacuum or sweep regularly 

- Clean with a “approved for laminate floor” cleaner 

For more information, please contact WeShipFloors 1-844-356-6711

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