SUPERCore Stair Tread Installation Guide

Installing stair treads can help enhance the safety and aesthetics of your staircase. Here's a general installation guide to help you with the process:

Materials and Tools Needed:

  1. Stair treads
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Pencil
  4. Circular saw or hand saw
  5. Adhesive 100% silicone
  6. Nail gun or hammer and finishing nails
  7. Level
  8. Safety goggles
  9. Carpenter's square
  10. Sandpaper or a sander (if necessary)
  11. Paint or stain (if desired)

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Measure the Stairs:

   - Start by measuring the width and depth of each stair tread. Ensure that your measurements are accurate and consistent for all treads.

  1. Prepare the Staircase:

   - Remove any existing carpet or other coverings from the stairs. If you have bullnose on your existing treads, you may need to face cut the nosing off to get to a “square” sub structure.

   - Check the condition of the stairs. Repair any loose or damaged steps, and sand any rough areas if necessary.

  1. Cut the Stair Treads:

   - Using the measurements from step 1, mark the dimensions on the backside of each stair tread.

   - Wear safety goggles and cut the treads to size using a circular saw or hand saw. Double-check the dimensions before cutting.

  1. Test the Fit:

   - Place each cut tread on the corresponding step to ensure a proper fit. Make any necessary adjustments to the size or shape of the treads. Each tread will have a unique fit.

  1. Apply 100% silicone:

   - Depending on the type of stair treads you have, you can use adhesive.

   - Apply the adhesive on the backside of the stair tread, to create a good bond, use a hair dryer to soften the glue to remove the underlayment that is attached. You don’t have to get all of the underlayment off, just get enough tactful area to help bond your tread to your subfloor (stair frame) Ensure you cover the entire surface area.

  1. Install the Stair Treads:

   - Starting from the bottom step, position the first tread in place, pressing it firmly onto the adhesive or tape.

   - Use a level to ensure the tread is straight and adjust if needed.

   - For additional security, you can use a nail gun and finishing nails to secure the tread in place. Use a matching wood fill to hide the nails.

  1. Repeat the Process:

   - Continue installing each stair tread, ensuring they are level and securely attached.
   - Double-check the alignment and spacing between each tread to maintain consistency.

  1. Additional notes:

   - Your top step may need a stair nosing.  Inquire with about the matching stair nose piece needed to complete your stair project.

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