How to Connect previous I4F lock to new 5GC lock (long edge only)

This information will work in most instances where different lock productions may require modification of the locks to join together and result in a seamless finish.

Tools or Supplies you may need
Small Hand Plane
Tile Nippers (Optional)
Floor Seam Sealer

Image below, On the Left is a full plank of the I4F lock and on the Right is a sample piece with the new 5GC lock.  This shows an example of how it will sit as the locks are not profiled to work together.  There is a remedy for this and this remedy is only going to work on the long sides of the planks.  This method will not work on end joints.  

Using this method will require you to use some type of floor seam sealer.  In essence, you are joining the previous I4F row with the new 5GC row.  These 2 rows will act as one once bonded together.

Once you have modified all of the planks needed for your I4F combining with your 5GC - you will proceed to install your next rows of flooring as normal.

The image below shows how we force down the 5GC sample to crack/break the small lock off of the 5GC plank.  This is also easily achieved by using tile nippers.  Don't worry, this is a necessary step to get the clearance needed for a seamless connection.

Next, Remove the small lock.

Image showing piece of the lock removed...

Picture of the Planner we used to shave down the locks during the modification process.

Turn over your 5GC plank and run one pass on the backside where you broke the lock off. 

Notice the plane shaving off a thin layer...

Next Step, Modification of the I4F plank…

The first step results in a good join, but now we have to adjust the height to get the planks flush with each other across the surface.

Set your planner flat on the ridge of the I4F plank and reduce it down flush with the rest of the lock.  In our demonstration, we experienced that we may need to do this 4-5 times.  Testing the fit after each pass to achieve the desired surface flatness.

Image showing shaving in action and material lifting away from the I4F lock.

Complete fitting flush surface and no gap between.  Now that you have all your pieces prepared, use a seam sealer on the locks to bond these 2 rows together.

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