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Trim - SUPERCore Threshold - 94" long

Trim - SUPERCore Threshold - 94" long

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Trim - SUPERCore Threshold - 94"

Threshold Molding also called End Molding or End Cap is used for joining two different floors, typically joining to carpet, covering exterior doorway expansion joint, and sometimes up to tile that is on slab.

Supercore Molding Dimensions and Options:

Threshold: Dimensions: 1 ⅜”  across the top,  ¼" tall
Available in 94” and 47” lengths[brand][]=supercorefloors&m=and&q=supercore+threshold

Tmold Dimensions: 1 ¾” across the top, ¼” tall
Available in 94” and 47” lengths[brand][]=supercorefloors&m=and&q=supercore+tmold

Reducer Dimensions: 1 ¾” x ¼” tall
Available in 94” and 47” lengths[brand][]=supercorefloors&m=and&q=supercore+reducer

To start, make sure there's a one inch gap between both floors to accommodate the ¼” expansion requirement. Using screws, set the track in the center of your 1” gap. To add additional security to your molding we recommend adding 100% silicone onto the track. To secure the molding properly use a rubber mallet to tap it in from one end to the other making sure it's engaged completely along the full length of the track.

Additionally, you can choose not to use the track and instead simply use 100% silicone to bond the trim down.

If you want to use the track and it doesn't meet the height of your flooring, you will need to use a shim or spline to provide the rise you need. This is not typical but can be a modification that is required by the installer.

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